It had to happen.

And it happened at the Corn Exchange.

With cosplay all the rage around the world, you had to wonder when someone might think a costume was an actual gunman. And who knows what would happen then.

Devon Live, a website covering news in Devon and Exeter in the UK reports that a cosplayer at a recent comic-con caused havoc among locals  when they thought he was an actual armed gunman.

Members of the public were terrified by the sight of a hooded assassin standing calmly to attention in the middle of Exeter carrying a large, orange gun.

Police firearms officers were alerted in Exeter city centre – but stood down when they realised the ‘terrorist’ was waiting outside the Corn Exchange for his friends at the end of a day-long comic convention.

Officers were about to send armed units until they looked at CCTV and saw him being followed by a Roman Centurion with a large sword and two Klingons.

What could have become a serious incident turned into a lot of laughs. Local police – led by Pc Chris Pusey – got into the spirit with this tweet.

It was all part of DevCon Exeter, a local SF con. All good fun.

You may be asking what is a Corn Exchange. Well, it’s a venue for things. Like Leo Sayer and a lot of tribute bands. Also the Exeter Darts Masters are coming up soon, so get your tickets. Why is it called the Corn Exchange? I don’t know, but I’m guessing once, long ago, corn was exchanged there.

You may think it’s all fun and games in Devon, but Devon Live has some of the most troubling headlines I’ve ever read.

“Pensioner banned from EVERY farm in Devon after molesting cows”


“Devon plumber shares shocking photos of gas installation bodge jobs – including boiler suspended above a BATH”

A boiler above a bath. Oh, to live in such times.


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