Can NO ONE get this “credit” thing right? A few days ago we noted artist Chip Zdarsky standing up for Matt Fraction, writing of Sex Criminals, after only Zdarsky was mentioned on the Harvey Awards ballot. Now an io9 article entitled 6 Reasons Why Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye Is One of Marvel’s Greatest Comics touched off another round of what we were talking about yesterday , with artists being left off the “ownership” of comics with increasing frequency.

And predictably, Fraction responded, expanded the list of key collaborators to the editors, colorists and letterers who make it all possible:

The comics I write rely on collaboration and most especially my collaborators. I write projects specifically for the people that draw them – and oftentimes color and letter them, too.

Without David Aja there would be no HAWKEYE.

Without Annie Wu, Kate would not have gone west. Without Matt Hollingsworth, Lucky would not have solved a crime. Without Chris the Winter Friends wouldn’t exist and nobody would’ve said anything in any of the books anyway. Without Steve Wacker there would be no book at all.

Without Chom Zduggitty there is no SEX CRIMINALS.

More in the link, but there is something in the air for sure.

Just for the record, the Beat policy is to credit writer AND artists whenever a book’s creators are mentioned. We don’t achieve 100% success on that because of lapses duw to time and concentration, but they are lapses, not policy, and if we lapse, feel free to point it out.


  1. “Without Chom Zduggitty there is no SEX CRIMINALS.”

    Well, then we know who to blame. JUST KIDDING.

  2. Why do people get so worked up about comic creators, no one mentions the creators behind cars, furniture, drugs, inventions etc everytime they’re mentioned.
    Sure I’m interested in the writer/artist so I can follow their work but I don’t need to know the historical creator of every character or the colorist, letterer. No matter how important I’m not going to start reading a book because x is lettering.

    How about a campaign to acknowledge engineers , I bet you wont find a single design credit on say for example a car.

  3. Given how many creators worked on Hawkeye, all to service the scripts FRACTION gave them, it’s clearly predominantly Fraction’s vision.

  4. So upstanding that Beat has a policy of mentioning both writers and artists. Now if they can just proofread their forking articles, we can begin to take them seriously.

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