Time has really flown! It was literally only two years ago when these Marvel-Netflix collaborations began with a bang with the first season of Daredevil, and then hit their critical high-point with Jessica Jones. It’s been a bit of a bumpier road in subsequent offerings (namely much of that second season of Daredevil and Iron Fist), but now we’re hitting the culmination point where all four heroes are finally gathered in The Defenders.

And it looks like we’ve also got a teaser that’s announcing when we’re finally going to see this team-up that’s been two years in the making…keep an eye on the counter in the top right corner:

Right when Jessica hits the security camera, it lingers on 08:18:20:17…or in other words August 18, 2017. Sneaky Netflix, very sneaky!

Thanks to ComingSoon.net for pointing this one out!

The Defenders will be the second of Marvel’s Netflix offerings for 2017, followed by The Punisher later this year. The Defenders is overseen by Daredevil Season 2 co-showrunner Marco Ramirez.


  1. Luke Cage was a snoozefest. So when talking about a bump, that series should be included in such a bump. Iron Fist was much better, but it paled in comparison with Jessica Jones and Daredevil

  2. KingDongSupreme,
    I question some of the data that Parrot Analytics is producing regarding that. Their numbers also include social media chatter and “impressions”. So, until Netflix produces actual streaming numbers without all that extra noise, it’s hard to say what the biggest hits were.

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