Marvel Entertainment has announced via Wired the addition of another non-fiction series to their slate of upcoming Disney+ streaming showsMarvel’s Storyboards will be hosted by Marvel chief creative officer Joe Quesada, and will dive into the storytelling process, as well as the backgrounds of different storytellers across a variety of mediums and genres.

Episodes of Marvel’s Storyboards will be between ten and fifteen minutes long. The initial slate of episodes will include interviews between Quesada and subjects such as actor Hugh Jackman, Frozen composer Robert Lopez, Teen Vogue executive editor Samhita Mukhopadhyay, and Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir. In the Wired announcement, Quesada likened the series to Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown:

“We go on locations, but instead of food or culture being the focus, the focus is a guest, the way they tell stories, and their story.”

Marvel’s Storyboards joins the previously announced Marvel’s 616 and Marvel’s Heroes Project non-fiction series on Disney+. Those series examine, respectively, the intersection of Marvel Comics and the real world, and the impact that real-life ‘heroes’ can have in their communities.

No release date has been set for Marvel’s Storyboards yet. The Disney+ streaming service is set to launch in the U.S. on November 12th.

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