As roundly predicted by the internet, Marvel’s ‘XX’ teaser from last week was indeed a relaunch of adjectiveless X-Men. Today, though, USA Today’s comics pin-up Brian Truitt has revealed the lineup. The teaser also reveals that colourist Laura Martin will be bringing Coipel’s work to life.


The book, by Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel (and then it appears by David Lopez) has a cast of Storm, Rachel Grey, Psylocke, Kitty, Rogue and Jubilee, which is essentially the line-up we’d all expect to appear in a book about female X-Men who are actually friendly with each other. No Emma because she hates them all, no Dazzler because she’s quit this dimension, and no Jean Grey because the main Jean Grey is still dead. These are all the remaining popular female X-Men.

With one exception: PIXIE. Where in the gosh-darned heck is everybody’s favourite bundle of pink haired joy, Marvel? Sure, this is Oliver Coipel drawing Storm, his favourite character. And sure, this is Brian Wood’s return to Jubilee after a very long time away from the character.

But where is PIXIE. Anyway, moving on, more info:

Jubilee will be the de-facto lead of the book, more or less, regaining the spotlight after around a year away from comics. The first arc will also bring back Sublime from Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men, a sentient bacteria of a villain who was last seen in Kieron Gillen’s run. That’s right! Some parts of Morrison’s run still remain!

Issue #1 is out this April. It is probably the most exciting comic ever.


  1. Cheers to Marvel for putting a couple of big creative guns on this book. If any Marvel franchise has the reader base to sustain a book with an all female cast, it’s the X-Men. Knowing that it’s also going to be beautifully written and drawn….I really can’t wait.

  2. Great creative team and good mix of characters, but given the sheer number of X-books and the duplication of characters, I’d rather just see these creators on an existing book, particularly since we know Coipel won’t be able to do more than 8 or so issues a year.

  3. “These are all the remaining popular female X-Men. With one exception: PIXIE.”

    Whoah there.


    I (and she) shall be awaiting your apology.

    This is undoubtedly going to be a very pretty X-book (the issues that Coipel draws of it) but I’m struck by the fact that all but ONE of these characters are already in other books (and many could frankly use strong characterisation of a single creative vision). Now, If it was Illyana in multiple books, I could forgive that. ;-)

  4. I hope the artist knows how to draw women of different ages and faces. Isn’t Kitty older than Jubilee? Why do Psylocke and Storm have the same face? Strange.

  5. Hmm. This looks great, but I wonder if there’s any chance it will be appropriate for kids? My daughter LOVES the X-Men and she would be all over this. I doubt it’ll be okay for a 9-year-old, though. Which is, of course, stupid.

  6. Oh how original.

    Just relaunch the same book, most of the same characters, same writer and 2 already star in another female book.

    Ah look we turned lead into gold!

    Simple and yet boring.

    But James Gunn sure hopes one of them effs him straight up his arshehole.

  7. I wonder how appropriate it will be for young women?! My 11-year-old daughter loves the X-Men, but she and I both cringe at some of the porn that passes for X-Men comics with Emma Frost. Jeepers. Step up, Marvel.

  8. maybe i missed something. when did storm go back to her mohawk look? these team books with members already on other teams is starting to get out of control (actually it’s been out of control since wolverine was a member of the avengers, x-men, x-force, crosby, stills, nash, & wolverine. you get the point. it really does seem as if the more popular characters of the marvel universe are in three or four places at once. maybe if they kept most of these characters in one, maybe two books a month, instead of three or four books a month they wouldn’t be as played-out as say wolverine has become. as for the creative team, both are great and laura martin is an A-1 colorist.

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  10. @matt halteman : yeah, the line-up of talent is cool, as is the line-up of the characters on the team. i’ll be giving the first few issues a shot. i was thinking about what i posted above and thought that maybe having the more popular characters in so many different team/solo books might have an upside to it, which is, if one particular book with a character you like might be in your opinion “crappy”, you could always try one of the other books that feature that character, which may be more to your liking. this way you don’t miss out on your monthy “fix” of that character.

  11. To those posters above with concerns about their daughters, Brian Wood’s marvel work has been smart and challenging, but always pretty PG and he writes women very well. Judging by the teaser, Rogue is zipped up and Psylocke is wearing pants for the first time, so I think it’s a safe book for your girls.

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