DC’s Source Blog has seen two updates this week, with the announcements for new creative teams on Swamp Thing and Red Hood And The Outlaws. These would follow on the previous news that Scott Snyder was stepping down from Swamp Thing after completing his story in issue #16, while Scott Lobdell would wrap up on Red Hood in order to focus on his other books such as Superman. Red-Hood-Outlaws-19

James Tynion IV will be taking over on Red Hood with Mico Suayan as of issue #19. In his entrance interview with Newsarama, he explains that the current Joker-returning ‘Death of the Family’ storyline will have a heavy impact on the start of his run, to the point where he can’t actually reveal anything about the first threat we’ll see until after the event concludes. His first arc will focus on Roy Harper, however, and his very very bright costume. Issue #19 is out in April.


Meanwhile, the creative change for Swamp Thing will see Charles Soule – another newcomer to DC after a string of acclaimed creator-owned books, evidently the company are keeping a very keen eye out for talent whenever it emerges – take over as writer. Meanwhile, Kano will be in charge of art, after years of being involved with exceptional comics including Immortal Iron Fist, and Mark Waid’s Daredevil. i09 have an interview with Soule about the book, also out in April.