Marvel Comics announced today that Major X #3, which officially hits store shelves tomorrow, has sold out at the distributor level and will be returning for a second printing. The early sellout continues the trend set by the first two issues of the series, both of which sold out before their on-sale dates.
Additionally, the publisher announced that the second printing of Major X #1 has also sold out, and that the issue will be returning for a third printing. This printing will feature a new cover, as well as an incentive variant cover featuring creator Rob Liefeld’s pencils for the original #1 cover. The variant will be available for retailers who order 25 of the regular 3rd printing cover.
Marvel’s been putting out ratioed variants for years now, but this is only the second time they’ve rolled one out for a non-first printing. Immortal Hulk #2’s recent fifth printing was accompanied by a 1:25 variant as well. It’s hard to fault Marvel for putting these things out when they know there are retailers who will bite on them, even if it is clearly a cheap ploy to goose order numbers.
The sales success of Major X is undeniable, even if the quality of the actual series is up for debate. I found the debut issue of the series to be middling at the very best; that said, the introduction of a new character—pretty much any new character at this point—has speculators jumping all over it regardless of whether the story is any good or not.
You can see the new cover for the Major X #3 second printing, as well as both covers for the third printing of #1, below. The first printing for Major X #3 is due in stores tomorrow.
Major X #3 Second Printing
Major X #1 Third Printing
Major X #1 Third Printing Variant


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