As posted by Torsten earlier, the floor map for SDCC is up….OMG IT’S SO SOON. Seriously I barely got my seedlings for Arbor day and we’re planning Hall H already?

You can compare the floor map to one from 2011 in this post. I never throw out a pdf! Pretty much the same.

All that said, one thing the floor plan does reveal is that although Marvel is skipping Hall H this year, they will be exhibiting on the floor. I know there really wasn’t much serious thought that that wasn’t the case, but a few Chicken Littles had been wondering if Marvel was pulling out entirely. but nuh-uh., Not gonna happen.

However, Marvel is DEFINITELY skipping Hall H — Although Star Wars will be seen there. Why you may ask? Well Umberto Gonzalez at his new Heroic Hollywood site has the scoop and it’s a doozy if true: Marvel thought that the Ant-Man/footageless Civil War slate could not compete with what WB/DC has brewing:

Marvel found out internally that Warners is going supernova with their DC presentation which will include Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and Wonder Woman. Quite a formidable lineup and a really tough act to follow for any other studio.

Last year’s Warner panel was a pricey seven figure activation inside Hall H which utilized massive widescreen monitors and state of the art sound which delivered maximum impact. I was there. It rocked. Expect DC to go even bigger this year.

Sources also tell me that since Captain America: Civil War is currently under production, Marvel won’t have footage ready till August anyway. Also the actor that is supposed to play Spider-Man doesn’t have to report to the Civil War set till July, after Comic Con.

I can testify that the WB presentation was pretty amazing last year, with Stephen Colbert, Cate Blanchett pondering Elf Poop and the debut of Glowering Batman vs Glowering Superman. The show was totally stolen by Mad Max Fury Road and George Miller, however.

Last year Marvel had ALL of the Avengers on stage. And that’s a crowd pleaser. The line-up for Captain America Civil War is the most vastest and diverse yet…and would cause heads to explode if gathered. But it isn’t ready yet so maybe…New York Comic-Con? Now THAT would be huge. And scary.


  1. But DC isn’t promoting their superhero movies this year, according to your WB post.
    Which is strange… BvS has finished filming. WW starts next Fall. DC couldn’t get all of the Justice League on stage?

    Maybe the cost is a consideration. But I think Marvel is saving their big guns for the D23 Expo.
    That will be held after the CCI circus leaves town, and they’ll have the newscycle bandwidth all to themselves. (Remember last October, when Marvel announced their Phase Three slate at the El Capitan? With firm dates linked to titles, AND new actors. Two weeks after DC announced their super-slate.)

    Also, keep in mind there is a D23 Expo at TokyoDisneyland in November, so there may be some announcements there as well.

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