Panic now…

For those who are attending, Comic Con International has posted links to the exhibitor map on their blog.

Click here to see the Comic-Con International 2015 Exhibit Hall map (on Issuu).(link is external)
Click here to download a PDF of the Exhibit Hall map.
Click here to see the Exhibitor List.
Click here to see the Artists’ Alley List.
Click here to see the Small Press Area List.
Click here to see the Fan Tables List.

A cursory (and curiosity) view:

  • There are 216 Artists’ Alley tables. (9 aisles of 24 tables each.) Unchanged from previous years.
  • There’s an unmarked orange area in the far corner of Hall G… toys?
  • Fantasy illustrators and “regular”? illustrators get their own areas to the front of Hall F/G.
  • Videogames are shunted off to the corner of Hall A.
  • 108 exhibitor tables are located at the back of Halls A/B1.
  • The Gold and Silver Pavilion is up front at Hall B1, with about 580 sq.ft. of booths. (26 exhibitors)  Hmmm… over at booth 5523 is Mile High Comics.  I thought they weren’t showing up? It will be interesting to see what the new booth looks like.  70 sq.ft. of space!
  • The Web Comics area has 19 exhibitors in 230 sq.ft. of booth space.
  • Near them, at the back of Hall B2, lies the Small Press Pavilion, with 110 tables.
  • There’s an IP Pavilion. 40 exhibitors. Mostly small publishers, like Lion Forge, who wanted a booth, and not a table in the Small Press Pavilion.
  • Halls C and D will have the most traffic, as there are basically three tiers of megabooths. Lucasfilm has the largest space… two booths… one 60×40 and another 60×50? for a total of 540 sq.ft. (600 if you count the aisle in between, which most people would feel is part of the booth.  DC Entertainment has 450 sq.ft,, making it the largest comics booth. Hasbro has two booths… 60×40 and 60×60, separated by a wide cross aisle.
  • Most interesting of all… there are three lounge areas in the back tier of booths.  3045, 2143, 1243.  Fairly large spaces.  I wonder how that works given the crowds?
  • Who gets those tables all the way in the back, in the “56xx” row? They’re near the restrooms and concession stands, so the traffic should be good… There’s a “55xx” row at the front of the halls as well.
  • …and Comic-Con merchandise will be available at the Marriott Marquis, in the Marina Ballroom D on the Third Level. (Volunteer registration is in Marina Ballroom G.)  I wonder what’s in E and F?

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