Updated 4:25 PM Eastern: Following this morning’s mysterious tease of a new superteam, Marvel has released a short video spotlighting Doc Justice and the J-Team, with a clue in the text revealing who they are and where we might find these characters:

The video features Marvel executive editor Nick Lowe hyping the new team, saying that they will “change part of the Marvel Universe forever.”

But the revealing bit is in the text of the tweet. “Revolutionary! Unstoppable! New! A wondrous and youthful squad!” the text accompanying the video reads. Take the first letters of each of those words and you get RUNAWAYS. Combined with the showcased art of Runaways cover artist Kris Anka, it’s safe to say that’s the book we’ll find these characters in. Is the J-Team made up of the Runaways in disguise? There are seven members here, and seven members of the Runaways, so that seems likely. But how did they adopt these identities, and why? That, among other things, remains to be seen.

The original version of this post is below.

Marvel’s kicking off the week with one of their patented cryptic teases. With a tweet promising “The next great Super Hero team,” the publisher shared a timeline photo that includes introductory years for the Avengers (1963), Defenders (1971), and Thunderbolts (1997), and culminates in 2019’s “Doc Justice and the J-Team”:

The implication of the image is that the four teams listed are all of Marvel’s “great” teams, so sorry, fans of the Fantastic Four, Champions, Invaders, Agents of Atlas, and X-Men — those teams didn’t quite make the cut. Neither the Defenders nor the Thunderbolts have current series, while all of the other teams I listed do in one form or another, so make of that what you will when it comes to the future of this new team.

Also, that name. “Doc Justice and the J-Team.” It’s a name that kind of feels like a placeholder, but it also has a real throwback feel to it. Could the introduction of this team be tied to Marvel’s ongoing 80th anniversary celebration? Maybe it’s a revival of an old team with a new name?

Or maybe, like the Thunderbolts, it’s a team of villains using new identities to try and pass themselves off as heroes. “Doc Justice” is basically the polar opposite of Doctor Doom. Could this team be a part of the upcoming Doom ongoing series, a way for Doom to try and rebrand himself?

What is the J-Team? Is it the Justice Team? There’s another publisher who has a Justice group, though it’s less of a team and more of a League. “The J-Team” also reminds me of “The A-Team.” Doc Justice will clearly be the Hannibal Smith of this new team, and hopefully whoever the B.A. Baracus of the group is will be able to fly without having to be knocked unconscious first.

Marvel’s November solicits haven’t hit yet, so it’s possible we’ll learn more about this once those are released. Otherwise there’s not much time left for Doc Justice and the J-Team to arrive in 2019, so keep an eye out for more info on the group as it becomes available.