The Big Apple’s resident serial killer is back! …or is he? AfterShock Comics has announced Maniac of New York: Don’t Call It A Comeback, a new sequel to the popular satire series. The series by the returning creative team of writer Elliott Kalan, artist Andrea Mutti, and letterer Taylor Esposito picks up in the aftermath of the previous series, with Maniac Harry dead and a new killer apparently following in his footsteps.

Here’s how AfterShock describes Maniac of New York: Don’t Call It A Comeback:

Maniac Harry, the seemingly unstoppable killer, has finally been stopped. The city celebrates, the Mayor takes the credit, and Maniac Task Force Director Gina Greene — last seen slicing the Maniac’s head open — has disappeared to parts unknown. Now NYPD Detective Zelda Pettibone must pick up the pieces of a life that’s suddenly so empty she almost wishes the Maniac was back. And, unfortunately, sometimes wishes are granted.  

THAT’S RIGHT, THERE’S A NEW MANIAC, BUT NOT THE ONE YOU’RE EXPECTING! Stay out of Central Park and stay away from cable news, ‘cause something terrifying is on the loose! 

Maniac of New York: Don’t Call It A Comeback is the third miniseries in the series, after the initial miniseries and its sequel, The Bronx is Burning. In a statement announcing the new series, writer Elliott Kalan described how his sources of inspiration for Don’t Call It A Comeback differ from the previous two books:

“I have to say, with this one I feel like I was more inspired by the real world that we live in than by any particular movies. I think readers will see the parallels even more clearly this time than in the past. There’s more political and media satire in this storyline, so in a way I was digging back into my years at The Daily Show. And if I’m being honest, I was probably heavily influenced by A Face In The Crowd. Hmm, and maybe there’s a touch of Night At The Museum. I mean, if it was a bloody horror movie.”

Check out an unlettered preview of the first issue of the new series below. Maniac of New York: Don’t Call It A Comeback #1 is due out in stores on Wednesday, December 7th.