W. Maxwell PrinceMartin Morazzo‘s Ice Cream Man horror anthology series has been among Image Comics’s more critically-acclaimed releases of the last few years. Now the publisher is bringing the creative team’s first major collaboration back to print, newly remastered and retitled, as Art Brut will debut from Image in December.

Here’s how Image describes the series:

The world of fine art is falling apart, and only Art Brut knows how to fix it. Alongside the Bureau of Artistic Integrity, Art Brut follows the titular Arthur Brut the Mad Dreampainter (and his trusty sidekick, Manny the Mannequin) as they dive back into the very paintings that made him insane…in order to save reality itself from crumbling. 

A colorful, gonzo romp through art and art history, Art Brut is equal parts police procedural, hyper-fantasy, and psychological thriller—a veritable Pollock-splatter of comics genres tossed onto one giant pulpy canvas!

Colored by Mat Lopes, the series was originally published as a four-issue miniseries by IDW under the title The Electric Sublime. The republished series will feature new lettering and remastered artwork, as well as new, “Silver-Age style” backup stories starring the titular character.

Check out two more covers for the first issue – another by Morazzo & Lopes, and one by Alex Eckman-Lawn – as well as four interior pages below. Art Brut #1 is set to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, December 7th.