Magnetic Press launched earlier this year bringing some top-notch French comics to the US market and they’re not only still here, they are expanding to Chinese comics with DAOMU, which adapts the popular novel series by Chinese author Xu “Kennedy” Lei, who’s knwn as China’s Stephen King.  How popular is this series? The first novel, which forms the basis of the graphic novel has sold three million copies as of 2010 with an additional 20 million copies on the black market. I didn’t know there was a lack market for novels but it’s a thrilling world.

The GN is the work of Concept Art House and artist Ken Chou, and follows young Chinese American Sean Wu as he gets involved with a mysterious and legendary band of grave robbers.

The book is a joint production with Evertold Inc, which is run by James Zhang and Matthew Le Merle.

“Daomu is an enormous phenomenon across China with tens of millions of fans clamoring for more books, comics, films and TV adaptions of the characters and their adventures,” says James Zhang of Evertold, who brought the project into Evertold.  “The moment I heard about the books and spoke with the author, Kennedy, I was convinced that this amazing novel would resonate with readers around the world.  With this first graphic comic collection let the journey begin.”

Here’s a trailer.

And some art:

daomu540968 daomu3-56978



  1. @ Chris. It appears to be the same thing. Both media releases for Magnetic Press and Image announcing Daomu are identical, as are the associated images.

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