In all of DC’s new imprint madness, the relaunch of MAD Magazine hasn’t gotten quite as many pixels, but under new executive editor Bill Morrison it’s getting quite a revamp as well. The first new MAD issue is on stands today and it comes with a bunch of new contributors – incluing Bob Fingerman, Brian Posehn, Luke McGarry, Megan Koeste and many more –  a new logo and more multi media outreach. But don’t worry, Al Jaffee, Sergio Aragones and Peter Kuper will represent previous ierations of the Usual Gang of Mentally Impaired creators.

For examples, MAD will now have its first-ever digital channel debuting April 20 on Twitch at  IT’s also getting a podcast: The MAD Podcast! will launch bi-monthly this summer on iTunes, Stitcher and an updated MAD blog.


Broadcasting live from MAD’s new Burbank headquarters, initial programming for the new Twitch channel, lead by Senior Editor Dan Telfer, will comprise a collection of comedy guests including Steve Agee, Jordan Morris, Thea Lux, Candy Lawrence, Erin Tracy, Sean Ellis, Gerry Duggan, Joe Kwaczala, among others, alongside narrated video game runs, live art sketches and must-see tabletop game challenges. From wild gaming antics to absurd discussions with a premiere guest lineup, viewers will get a hysterical glimpse into the creative minds behind MAD, while engaging with other fans across the country. The official MAD Magazine Twitch channel will launch on Friday, April 20 at 4 p.m. PST. Fans can tune-in to MAD’s bi-weekly broadcasts on Fridays from 4-6 p.m. PST at

 Combining new perspectives with classic MAD wit, The MAD Podcast! is an upcoming bi-monthly podcast series hosted by Editor Allie Goertz. The podcast slate will include a variety of scripted and conversational content featuring interviews with notable contributors, as well as celebrity fans. The MAD Podcast! will also feature scripted comedy bits, call-ins and original music, written and produced by Allie Goertz and Assistant Editor Casey Boyd. Listeners can tune in to The MAD Podcast! on iTunes, Stitcher and the MAD blog later this summer.

BTW if you want to deep dive into MAD’s new logo, Stephen Heller has an exhaustive analysis of its development and interview with Morrison and art director Suzy Hutchinson and design director Doug Thomson. It’s fascinating reading!





  1. I hate to be the grammar pedant here — or, wait, maybe I like it — but does that mean the podcast is once every other month? I know the old saw about people misusing “bi-monthly” so much that it now means “bi-weekly,” effectively, but they also used “bi-weekly” in the preceding sentence to mean, I think, every other week. Or wait, is that twice a week? I’m more confused now than when I started. These people must be MAD…

  2. I flipped through Mad #1 at the store today and it immediately became a “I need to buy this now.” I’m excited.

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