This week Z2 Comics released Hotel Diablo, a new original graphic novel based on the fourth studio album from rapper Machine Gun Kelly. The graphic novel is written by Eliot Rahal and Ryan Cady, and features stories about different residents of the Hotel Diablo, illustrated by Martin MorazzoVictor Ibañez, Roberta Ingranata, Jordi Pérez, Amilcar Pinna, and Rachel Smartt, with color art by Vladimir Popov, Aladdin Collar, and Protobunker and letters by Andworld Design. Today The Beat is pleased to present a preview of Hotel Diablo, as well as an exclusive excerpt of the Roberta Ingranata-illustrated entry of the book.

Here’s how Z2 Comics describes Hotel Diablo:

Between Heaven and Hell lies a waystation for the soul–a place where your deeds in life are the keys to your eternity in the afterlife–at the Hotel Diablo. And it’s Lidia Lopez’s first night behind the front desk! Every guest’s got a story to tell and a lesson to learn…

Along with the exclusive excerpt, writer Ryan Cady described to The Beat his experience working on the book with Rahal and Machine Gun Kelly:

“It’s a rare and radical thing to get to collaborate with someone who has their own strong vision, but is still excited about every new wild idea you bring to the table. [MGK] loves comics—he understands the hallmark references of the medium, he cares about this unique form of storytelling. He’s a blast to work with.”

As with all previous Z2 Comics offerings, Hotel Diablo is available in a number of formats. Along with standard softcover and hardcover editions, a deluxe edition features an oversized version of the hardcover, a slipcase, a trio of exclusive art prints, and a new vinyl reissue of the 2019 album, with new cover art by Morazzo and Tyler Boss.

Check out the preview of the opening three pages illustrated by Morazzo, as well as the exclusive four-page excerpt featuring Ingranata’s artwork, below. Machine Gun Kelly’s Hotel Diablo is available in stores now.