What’s happening with Second Sight Publishing this winter? Looks like the company has a slew of books continuing as well as new titles to thrill you during the chilly season. The Small Press Spotlight has the publisher’s November and December solicits and covers below!


(W) Hannibal Tabu (A/CA) Quinn McGowan

“Enter Project Torrent,” Part One. Will Watson 3rd’s life turned upside down when a campus experiment gave him superpowers just in time to confront monsters plaguing his southern hometown. He’s just getting the cape game down pat when Sergeant Michael Marsden comes to town to change everything.

In Shops: Nov 24, 2021


Second SightTHE EDGE #4

(W) Marvin Wynn (A/CA) Mark Louie Vuycankiat

Revenant vs Tartabull. Plus, how Will Mystic, Blain, Interim, and Randa douse the fiery flames of Saleos?

In Shops: Nov 24, 2021


Second SightFORSAKEN #2 (OF 6) (MR)

(W) Sebastian Suarez (A) Francisco Paronzini (CA) Richard Ortiz

For Vida Gedmintas, what began as yet another murder mystery in Victorian London might be her last case, as dark forces coalesce around her.

In Shops: Nov 24, 2021


Second SightPINPOINT #1

(W) Alfred Paige, Phillip Morgan (A) Edson Alves

Tasked with bringing back a missing agent and friend, C.H.E.S.S. operative and team badass “Pinpoint” travels to the mysterious Eden Island where he must attempt to blend in with the criminals that control it. Will his first solo mission prove too dangerous to take on alone?

In Shops: Nov 24, 2021


Second SightBLOWTORCH #4 (OF 5)

(W) Alfred Paige, Alex De Gruchy (A) J. C. Grande (CA) Ray Racho

On a road trip back home from a funeral Richard Kinkaid. A.K.A  Blowtorch Falls into a life-threatening conflict situation with the bad guys of a local town.

In Shops: Nov 24, 2021


Second SightCHESS #4 (OF 5)

(W) Alfred Paige, Alex De Gruchy (A/CA) William Allan Reyes

The action continues as Footpath breaks loose Schaefer’s plans are finally revealed. All leading into the final conflict between the C.H.E.S.S. team and Nakadis hit squad.

In Shops: Nov 24, 2021



(W) Karla Nappi (A) Marianna Strychowska (CA) Leila Del Duca, Mariah Terry

Matt finds an unexpected ally, and a bombshell revelation could upend everything he once knew to be true.  Meanwhile, Robert has a crisis of faith; Sean tries to connect with his family, and Ava continues the hunt for the mole.

In Shops: Nov 24, 2021



(W) Evan K. Pozios (A/CA) Alex Sanchez, Bryan Silverbax

Comic book artist Stanley Kane seems to have regained his creative touch… but at the deadly expense of the residents of the small town of Silence. Meanwhile, the town Sheriff knows something sinister is afoot and has Stanley in his crosshairs!

In Shops: Nov 24, 2021


Second SightTHESE. DAMN. KIDS #2

(W) Bradley Golden, Peter Breau (A) Helmut Racho (CA) Oscar Pinto

The outbreak of violence has ravaged the small town of Vicksburg, Mississippi. A small-town cop is thrust into the midst of it all. Can Gary Marshall get to the bottom of what’s going on before it’s too late?

In Shops: Dec 15, 2021



Cover A & B Carlos Villas

(W) Bradley Golden (A) Dan Garcia (CA) Carlos Villas

In this tale of espionage and betrayal, one of the world’s most dangerous assassins must protect her family from the organization she works for. Get ready for bullets, babies, and beatdowns in this seedy tale.

In Shops: Dec 15, 2021



(W) Rod Espinoza (A/CA) Rod Espinoza

From the mastermind behind Neotopia and Courageous Princess comes this spectacular steampunk take on a classic fairy tale! In a far-off kingdom, the queen sends her armies of steam-powered juggernauts to successful conquest, all while she and her subordinate lords pass the wartime expenses on to the peasants. Her daughter, Princess White, protests to no avail. The commoners’ only hope is the daring raider Lone Fox, but on his latest assault, the vigilante is ambushed!

In Shops: Dec 15, 2021



(W) Marvin Wynn (A/CA) Mark Louie Vuycankiat

Let Chaos reign! The Reign of Chaos begins here. Sides have been chosen and war is the only option.

In Shops: Dec 15, 2021



(W) Sergio Rios, Jose Cruz (CA) Walter Pereyra (A/CA) Sergio Rios

Candy, a girl who seeks to solve the mysterious disappearance of her family, by chance of fate is involved with a group of monsters of different races: a wolf, a vampire, Frankenstein’s monster, and a sea creature. Together, they will form a unique alliance and put aside their rivalry of hundred of years, which will take them to the very ends of reality when they try to stop the arrival of an ancestral evil force to our earthly plane.

In Shops: Dec 15, 2021



(W) Brandon Easton, Geoffrey Thorne, Bryan Edward Hill, Brian Hawkins, Ramon Govea, Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Carrie Tupper, Robert Jeffrey Ii, Omar Morales, Mamode Ogbewele, Nandini Bapat (A) Erwin Arroza, Edgy Ziane, Abel Cicero, Ario Murti, Robert Nix, Bruno Lima, David Monge Bautista, Miguel Ruiz, Sean Damien Hill, Ricardo Sanchez Arreola, Ace Continuado, Val (CA) Alvaro Jimenez

In the 35 year history of extra-solar exploration, there have been no official reports of the discovery of alien life in our home galaxy. At least that’s the official story. Since the revelation that the mysteriously bio-diverse planet dubbed “Menagerie” was discovered in unclaimed space by a handful of war deserters, a decades-long interstellar war has been halted. Hundreds of classified accounts of alien life – including missions that involve the crew who crash-landed on Menagerie – have been leaked. These little-known prequel stories about the crazy Space Operators who abandoned post and crossed the uncharted void in search of freedom have finally been declassified.

In Shops: Dec 15, 2021



Cover A & B Allen Sands

(W) Ramon Govea (A) Ariel Medel (CA) Allen Sands

A dying world replaces war with VR competition. But at what cost? Tess’ search for her friend Mercy begins.

In Shops: Dec 15, 2021