This week in the Small Press Spotlight, we check in with Second Sight Publishing. The publisher is gearing up for exciting August releases, including a few number ones as well as the next installment of some of their current titles. Take a look at what’s on deck!


Second Sight PublishingSecond Sight PublishingMENAGERIE #1 (OF 5) CVR A BAUTISTA, CVR B WIJAYA

(W) Ramon Govea (A/CA) David Monge Bautista (CA) Admira Wijaya

When a research outpost on the edge of the galaxy is captured, a team of lethal Space Operators heeds the call to rescue the who’s who of civilian scientists and researchers. But personal secrets and unexpected agendas bubble to the surface and a mutiny sends the rescue mission light-years off course to a new and unusual planet with unusual rules.

In Shops: Aug 18, 2021


Second Sight Publishing Second Sight PublishingDUPLICANT #3 (OF 5) CVR A DEL DUCA, CVR B WOLFF

(W) Karla Nappi (A) Marianna Strychowska (CA) Leila Del Duca  (CA) Dan Wolff

All evidence points to Robert Thunnel, head of the dangerous spiritual cult, The Asclepius Project, and Matt’s former mentor, as the responsible party for Matt’s kidnapping. Fearing for Matt’s life, Sean races to rescue him while the hunt for the mole at Regenerist Tech uncovers some hidden truths about a trusted employee.

In Shops: Aug 18, 2021


Second Sight Publishing Second Sight PublishingCHESSMASTERS #1 (OF 6) CVR A SALAZA, CVR B JARRELL

(W) Bradley Golden, Gary McClendon (A/CA) Marcelo Salaza (CA) Larry Jarrell

In the 25th century, society has finally emerged as a civilized population. No more wars, illness, hunger, or racial hatred. However, the evil Pawn-Master has seen this as an opportunity to control the weak and has been using his eight royal pawns to wreak havoc throughout the city. Conversely, the government has put together an extraordinary team of individuals known as The Chess-Masters to battle against this corruption and oppressiveness.

In Shops: Aug 18, 2021




(W) Alfred Paige, Alex De Gruchy (A/CA) William Allan Reyes

After Footpath gets captured the team makes arrangements to get her back, only to end up falling into an ambush by Yumi and her hit squad.

In Shops: Aug 18, 2021

SRP: $3.99




(W) Alfred Paige, Alex De Gruchy (A/CA) J. C. Grande

Blowtorch finally catches up with the middleman. But now will he live long enough to bring him in for questioning?

In Shops: Aug 18, 2021

SRP: $3.99