Are you looking forward to seeing the mancave that is Secret Stash evolve into a place full of well rounded human emotions? Well, that could happen.
It seems that ratings were better than expected, for the show featuring Kevin Smith and four employees/customers of his Redbank, NJ comics shop. AMC President and CEO Joshua W. Sapan mentioned that the show had done well in a recent earnings call. “Then we did this second show called, the Comic Book Men, which was somewhat similarly designed to take advantage of people very interested in the genre content that The Walking Dead represents. So, it features Kevin Smith, who is a bit of a – if I can use the word, fanboy icon, who directed Clerks and it examines the world of people who are very interested in that genre of content, and it too exceeded our expectations and performed very strongly.”

There had been some talk that a female cast member might be introduced in a second season, something which might break up the cellar-dwelling stereotypes that the show tends to reinforce with its present lineup.

Combined with chat show The Talking Dead’s strong ratings, it sounds like the Sunday night nerd-a-palooza of Walking Dead, Comic Book Men, and Talking Dead may return intact when Walking Dead is back with Michonne and the Governor.

Walking Dead season three debuts in October.


  1. While I agree with @Frankiln Harris, I actually kinda like the program. I think it helps the general PR of the brick and mortars out there. Obviously there are better-run shoppes out there, but with Smith’s involvement the show can be watchable. Half the cast has cameo’d in his films before. And Walt is a published Batman artist. That counts for something.

  2. I’m just glad I’ll get another chance to watch someone walk into the Secret Stash, looking to walk out with a grand, until they meet Walt’s eyes closed headshake & walk away with twenty bucks and a sad face.

  3. Maybe if the format changed and Kevin travels across the country visiting various shops. I’m pretty sure not all are created equal and just may surprise us.

  4. This show is the bane of most (not all) comic shops. It gives people the false/wrong perception that all comic shops are looking to buy (and have the money to do so) old comics.

  5. If anything I think it’ll help most comic shops because most of the stuff from the show is crap, identified as crap, and priced as crap. Itll discourage people from bringing in their polybagged x force #1.

  6. I watch the show, but I was hoping they would talk about new comics. It has more of an antiques-road show feel than anything else. The banter is funny too, so F it, I’ll watch it.

  7. This show is so embarrassing that when they prominently discussed some of our books (in regard to a woman coming in looking for Dan Clowes’s PUSSEY), I couldn’t bear to even link to it on our blog, despite the free publicity.

  8. I watched two episodes, and found them painful.
    The brilliant bright colours seem forcedly cheerful. I would rather see the guys in their old jerseys and jeans, in a normal setting. Put away the fluffers and hair stylists.

    And let them ramble, instead of trying to edit the show into soundbites.

    Skyhawk’s comment (above) was brilliant: put them on the road to visit other comic stores. Get them in some beat up old van, doing the “Explore America comic sites and stores”.

    Enough of the parlour games: Get them tired and dirty for @#$$ sakes!! Like real comic nuts.

  9. my and my wife decided to give it a try. I was into comics back when i was in my teens. first episode…loved it! my wife loves it too and isn’t into comics…although she loved the show clerks and their humour. we then watched all the rest of the episodes and loved every single one of them.

    This show has become my favorite show this year. besides “Breaking Bad”

    I don’t get how people think its boring. it reminds me of watching of pawn stars but much more nerdy plus with alot more bantering which is funny. I’ve learned alot about artists and specific toys etc which i never new about. its a good show and i think there is a big need for a show like this.

    Its almost like a reality version of Big Bang Theory except everyone in the STASH are not super intelligent.

    I give this show 2 thumbs up! plus remember that these are just the first 6 episodes. They really gelled together pretty nice in such a short time. i can name you a ton of reality shows where it took the second season to even become half as interesting. They will all get better every new episode. the Bantering will get raunchier and the clients walking in will be more interesting plus i am sure they will do some traveling around as well as someone mentioned above.