Last week, Silver Springs, MD police made a fantastic collar when a routine pullover for a license plate violation revealed a Lamborghini driven by a man in a Batman suit. But was it THE Batman or just a pale imitation?

Well, the Washington Post has spilled the beans and it turns out the driver is a pretty cool guy.

The Baltimore businessman is no Phoenix Jones. Lenny. B Robinson dresses up not to catch crooks, but to cheer up sick children at local hospitals.

“I’m just doing it for the kids,” he says.

But in light of him going viral — “Gotham City is on the verge of chaos,” Anderson Cooper informed CNN viewers — I asked him whether I could unveil the man behind the mask. He acquiesced but suggested I do so by accompanying him to the cancer ward at Children’s National Medical Center in Northwest Washington for a superhero party thrown by the Hope for Henry organization.

More in the link including a full-on slide-show. Mattel, maybe we need a Children’s Hospital Visiting Batman action figure?
BATMAN- HO-07_1332953400.jpeg


  1. DC Comics/DC Entertainment/Time Warner should support this man and focus on a Version of “We Can Be Heroes” for the United States.

    Mr.Robinson made me believe in Batman again, but knowing DC Comics and the greed of corporate America they will probably try to sue him for Trademark infringement, if so it would show the comic book industry is being openly controlled by the evil villains that heroes are trying to stop.

    Note to DC Comics: it’s not that hard to save the comic book
    industry or increase new readership….all you have to do is LISTEN TO YOUR SUPPORTERS!

    Heidi…What is Diane Nelson’s opinion on Mr. Robinson?


  2. Hey! Is that Wonder Woman with him in the hospital??!!

    This is a great story. Now if only they would visit sick adults in hospitals — especially comic fans :)

  3. DC Entertainment could draw up a contract … make him pay a licensing fee on ONE DOLLAR per year, which they could then donate to the childrens hospital. That way, all legalities are covered, and they make some kids happy.

  4. I think DC Comics should cover the cost.. Mr. Robinson selfishness and good heart cost less than DC Comics marketing department’s best idea. Mr. Robinson’s marketing plan is priceless.

  5. Look on the bright side; should DC pursue Mr. Robinson for “legality” reasons, it’ll most likely make the news, which will be bad PR for them. I”m sure DC will turn a blind eye on this one.

    For Mr. Robinson, I salute to you sir!

  6. So let me get this straight….If Mr Robinson dressed up like Batman and jumped into his version of the Batman and drove to San Diego for Comic con he would of been embraced by DC Comics at their booth (probably even a photo op with the staff) but because Mr. Robinson gives hope for children who need it, DC is going to hunt him down to make an example out of him?. If so the decision maker’s at DC Comics/DC Entertainment/TimeWarner are as wicked like the guy who shot Bruce Wayne’s parents. Batman helped Robin when he was a kid….on another note comicbook readership among children is declining…hint….do you DC guys need another underhand pitch or you ready to play fastball yet?

  7. Where did all this “DC is going to sue” nonsense come from?

    A LOT of people do this kind of thing. I have a friend that has a Batman suit that he dons for children’s parties, and then there are all the convention goers and everyone else that dresses up in costumes.

    It’s not trademark infringement if you’re playing Batman. It’s only trademark infringement if you open a business making Batman suits and sell them (or sell anything with a Batman logo, for that matter).

    Your anti-corporate tirade is completely baseless and foolhardy.

  8. “I’m talking about the Bat Mobile… jonboy wake up”

    Where? In your very last post? C’mon.
    All your previous posts were thinly veiled anti-corporate, all-businesses-are-evil tirades that just didn’t make any sense.

    And even still, if you WERE talking about the Batmobile, no-where in any of the articles was there any indication that DC or WB was pursuing any legal action for putting a (and I’m paraphrasing Frank Miller) damn Batman logo on his car.

    Like Batman costumes, I’ve seen multiple people make modified Batmobiles. No legal action there. It’s just fancy costume play. The only time DC / WB / Marvel / Disney would care is when someone started manufacturing and selling them.

  9. The lack of comprehension and appreciation for a great story surprises me, even though it shouldn’t. Maybe the reason we get such terribly glum and lousy comics is due to the horrible comics fans.

  10. Always nice to see somebody doing something to bring joy to the lives of those who are in a bad spot. Good on Mr. Robinson for his work with kids.