Last year Dark Horse Comics debuted Quick Stops, the first project as part of the Kevin Smith-led Secret Stash Press imprint telling stories set in the world of and featuring characters from Smith’s View Askewniverse. Today the publisher announced details for the second volume, Quick Stops II, a 4-issue black-and-white miniseries arriving this November. 

Quick Stops IIIn contrast to the previous volume which was an anthology series, Quick Stops ll span one storyline in which “readers learn the udder truth about an American icon when a young podcaster tries to milk Mooby creator Nancy Goldruff for the bovine’s beginnings, only to meat a cow tale so shocking, it turns her brain to hamburger!”

The miniseries will once again be written by Smith who will be joined by Ahmed Raafat as series artist and Andrew Thomas as letterer. Issue #1 will feature covers by Nate Gonzalez, Chogrin (Quick Stops), and as well as a Secret Stash exclusive variant by Raafat.

As View Askew fans are well aware, Mooby debuted as the mascot for the fictional fast food chain which has appeared in various other Smith projects. As recounted in Dogma, “Created by Nancy Goldruff, a former kindergarten teacher, in 1989. Bought by the Complex Corporation in 1991. Broadcast nationally as the Mooby Fun-Time Hour. Since its inception, has spawned two theatrical films, 16 records, eight prime-time specials, and a library of priced-to-own videocassettes. Not to mention bicoastal theme parks dubbed Mooby World.” Likewise a Mooby Magazine.

Creator Kevin Smith expressed great excitement about delving deeper into the fictional  Mooby franchise:

“In Quick Stops I, we visited four small stories in the Askewniverse. So for Quick Stops II, we did four issues of a massive story that spans a few decades to tell the tale of Mooby, the Golden Calf. And where that salacious story takes us is gritty, graphic and grotesquely grown up. I cannot wait to introduce you to Nancy Goldruff – who warranted merely a mention in 1999’s DOGMA, but gets a full-fledged secret origin story in Quick Stops II!”

Look for Quick Stops #1 (of 4) to arrive in stores and digitally on November 22, 2023.