The Babysitter’s Club blog has pictures from this Sunday’s signing by Raina Telgemeier and Abby Denson at Rocketship. Call us crazy and say we have an agenda, but these pictures of young girls lined up for comics are intensely heartwarming.

Speaking of Telgemeier, over at her regular LJ she has pictures from Halloween of her dressed up at Agnes Quill, the character created by fiance Dave Roman. Cute!


  1. That’s an awesome picture! You’re right, kids aren’t reading comics as much. I worked in a store, and seeing young kids of any gender looking for COMICS became more and more rare. We’d see lots of kids, but they were always interested in Magic: The Gathering or something like that.

  2. Wish I’d gotten a better picture of you at the AQ party, Heidi–the one shot you’re in is of the back of your head. My photojournalism skills are completely sub-par.