Hells yah! NEVER SAY GOODBYE, because you might be on a COLLISON COURSE with that SILVER LINING. But beware DANGEROUS SEDUCTION! Arrow Publications has been putting original romance comics online at MyRomanceStory.com for a while. Subscribing to Arrow’s line of what were once called “confession magazines”–egads, we didn’t even know such things still existed — and you get access to two graphic novellas a month. New they are adding new novellas weekly to the site, as you can read in the PR:

New stories will be added weekly from popular Dorchester Media publications such as True Romance, True Story, Black Confessions, and others, which reach millions of readers each year. “This kind of collaboration is a natural for us. We are the leading source for online graphic romance stories, and Dorchester Media is the dominant provider of true-life love stories in magazines. It’s the perfect marriage of two media,” says Patricia White, president and CEO of Arrow Publications, LLC, the publisher of MyRomanceStory.com. MyRomanceStory.com offers exciting, vividly-colorful graphic romance stories anywhere you have access to the Web. “More and more, sharing audiences across various media makes sense. MyRomanceStory.com provides a popular Web-based outlet for our in-print romance stories. Now, readers who love their dynamic illustrated stories can read our true love stories, too, all online, all in one place,” says John Prebich, President and CEO of Dorchester Media.

From the previews, we’d say these are drawn in what the charitable would call an “un-dynamic” style…but given the pursuit of adult women as comics’ missing reader, it would be interesting to know what kind of audience these have.