The power of the Kickstarter Power Hour is that you never know when it’ll happen! And here we are, bank holiday Monday, with a whole load of new and exciting crowdfunding projects to tell you about. Let’s start with a just-funded book from the creative team of Van Jensen and Jose Pimienta, ‘The Leg’.


You may know Van Jensen from, well, The Beat, where he’s written before. He’s also currently handling one of the best DC titles, Green Lantern Corps, and has just taken over The Flash. The Leg marks the arrival of a decade-in-the-making story, with a bizarre central premise. The first ever comic script he wrote, The Leg has been in the works for several years now, as Jensen and artist Pimienta worked on putting the project together.

Telling the story of a sentient leg on a revenge mission (the sentient leg of Santa Anna, no less), this is a massively surreal, wonderfully drawn and coloured story which is never anything less than thoroughly surprising. President Santa Anna was wounded in battle during The Pastry War in Mexico, and lost his leg to cannon fire. The leg was subsequently buried with full military honours (really).


However, when the people rebelled against Santa Anna, they dug up the leg, dragged it through the streets, and abandoned it in a ditch. Jensen and Pimienta’s story picks up several years later, as the leg – now sentient – learns of a new threat to Mexico, and embarks on a revenge mission which could finally redeem Santa Anna for his previous wrongdoings.

Looking for $10000, the project has just passed the funding mark – you can find it here.