From editor Can Yalcinkaya comes an anthology of stories from upcoming and established Turkish creators, following the story of the 2013 Uprising in Turkey. Focusing on the side of the Turkish resistance, this is a collection of books which develops and establishes Turkish culture and society for an international audience – a political book which is focused primarily on entertaining.


Featuring a number of distinct and impressive creators, the anthology will see work from artists including Okan Bubul (whose cover for the project is above), as well as Sumeyye Kesgin (below).


Aiming for a funding target of $5000 Australian dollars, the project is currently reaching the $2000-mark after only a few days of being active. It’s not often that you find somebody publishing an anthology of Turkish comic – it’s well worth taking a look at this project, and pledging if you find it interesting.


Art by Murat Gurdal Akkoc

I thought this excerpt from their Kickstarter description was particularly of note:

You might think, “I have no connection to Turkey, why should I be interested in something that’s happening over there?” or “this book would be too culturally specific for me”.

We see our project as part of a larger global movement, which has universal themes. From the Arab world, to the US, from Turkey to Brazil, there is a growing restlessness. We would like a better future, where our basic rights, well-being, and environment have more priority over corporate interests. We would like to see people of the world unite beyond their national borders and work for equal rights and opportunities for all.

Our comics reflect our worldview. We tell stories that relate to the human condition, and we use genres and tropes that would be familiar to readers all around the world. Our comics aren’t inaccessible, and we will also provide some context for what has been happening in Turkey by providing notes and timelines.

By supporting our project, you will also be supporting comic art in Turkey. There aren’t many opportunities for Turkish comic artists to publish their works. We are happy to introduce the works of some talented artists to an English reading audience.

You can find the Kickstarter here.

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