We round out this Kickstarter Power Hour with a Thrillbent series which’ll be coming to print if it makes the Kickstarter goal. Written by Trevor Mueller and drawn by Gabriel Bautista Jr, Albert the Alien is an all-ages graphic novel looking for $8000 to make funding.


Albert is Earth’s first intergalactic exchange student, arriving to Earth to help bridge the cultural gaps between his planet and our own. Finding Earth to be a place where we have strange school social structures, bullies, nerds, jocks and all kinds of other groups, Albert sets about making school life a strange and amazing adventure for everybody to get involved in.


Having originally published over at their website, the creative team brought Albert and his world to Thrillbent more recently, and are now looking to publish the first 100 pages – and some new, Kickstarter-exclusive content – as a print book. Suitable for all ages, I’ve been reading up on his stories over at the site myself, and can verify that this is absolutely suitable for anybody at all but especially aliens, non-aliens, and everybody who doesn’t fit into those two descriptors. It’s brilliantly funny, packed with jokes, and filled with a genuine warmth for the characters.


Albert himself is an utterly infectious character, and I would love if we could see him head to print. This is absolutely EXACTLY the sort of comic we should all be reading. Smart, addicting, good-hearted and brilliantl put together, Albert the Alien is a wonderful comic. And you can find it here! 

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