§ Spiders do spin webs out of their butts, so why not kleenex? This is perfect branding.


§ Happy Valentine’s Day! Back when people mailed things, it was my greatest joy to buy packages of horrifically themed Valentines and give them to friends and coworkers. Now we’ll just have to settle for these Overwatch Valentine’s Day Cards from last year.



§ Seriously, they still make them, but now the internet has let me down! How can there be no tumblr or Flickr account devoted to these “real” Kylo Ren Valentines! Am I going to have to buy a box myself? Until then, these charming concepts by RebChan will have to do.



§ I guess it all comes back to wrestling.

§ For a proper Valentine, Tee Franklin talks about Bingo Love, her romance comic that’s out from Image.

What made you want to tell the story as a graphic novel?

Frankly, I didn’t want Bingo Love to be a monthly series. This is a story that wasn’t meant to be told with cliffhangers – “come back next month to see if Hazel leaves her husband” – this is a love story and should be read as a novel. Just because it’s told with Jenn St-Onge’s amazing art and Joy San’s mind-blowing colors, doesn’t mean that it had to be told every month. When you pick up a romance novel – let’s say from award-winning and Queer author, Rebekah Weatherspoon – you’re getting yourself comfortable to read a book, not 20 pages and wait until the following month for the next 20 pages. If I decide to create another Bingo Love book, I’m sure it will be told as a graphic novel. I have no immediate plans to make it a monthly series.




§ Hellboy is coming back and creator Mike Mignola is talking about it. Did we ever think he was really gone forever?

Mignola also says that there were even indications in Hellboy in Hell that Hellboy’s story would last longer than the series itself: “In the very beginning, like the first couple pages, Edward Grey and Baba Yaga are saying he has these couple last things left to do. He does some of them by the end of Hellboy in Hell, but if you do the math there’s one or two things that he still didn’t do. I always knew, ‘well s–t, the poor bastard has a few things he can’t get out of doing.’”

§ Lauren Weinstein (Normel Person) is the guest on the The Virtual Memories Show podcast

§ It’s been a while since a new issue of Ganzeer THE SOLAR GRID came out, but its still in the works. YAY!

§ Vertigo Comics will never die! That’s because Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish will star in The Kitchen, a film based on the Vertigo mini by Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle. “Straight Outta Compton” writer Andrea Berloff will direct from her own script. The story is about mafia wives who take over the family business when their husbands are imprisoned so, yeah, it sold itself.

§ Stan Lee may have had some health issues lately, but he still had the energy to Stan Lee Hilariously Troll Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary.

§ Speaking of that 10th Anniversary photo, at Newsarama George Marston used it as a jumping off point to discuss how far apart the Marvel TV and Movie universes are now. As in, very.

But now, with Avengers: Infinity War bringing together nearly every Marvel movie hero – and leaving out characters like Agent Coulson, Daisy Johnson, Daredevil, and the Defenders entirely – it seems that the idea that Marvel’s TV and film endeavors are all part of one big continuum soldiers on in theory and speculation only.

Where Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. once referenced the events of Marvel’s films and welcomed the occasional guest star like Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, or Marvel’s Netflix shows would drop references to the “Battle of New York,” we now have three separate worlds connected solely by the studio banner that accompanies them.

Poor Agent Coulson!

§ Finally, someone let the cat out of the bag that Zack Snyder was actually fired from Justice League. I didn’t know that there was any real question about this. Snyder’s family underwent a terrible tragedy around the same time, and it just didn’t seem polite to dig around too much, but it was also the perfect smokescreen to bring in Joss Whedon. Occam’s Razor, people. What they REALLY should have done was just have Whedon write the script and Snyder direct it. What a fun movie that would have been!


  1. Movie deals notwithstanding, Vertigo is a Dead Imprint Walking. The only question is whether DC gives one more (likely to fail) try at reinvigorating the imprint, goes to OGNs only, or if they pull the plug all together (in favor of new ‘pop-up imprints’ like Young Animal or whatever happens with Bendis). The writing has been on the wall for some time, but with Astro City converting to OGNs that’s the most likely path going forward.

    (Why not serialize and go to TPB, even if the serialization sales are poor? Because that puts the stink of failure on the comic before it gets to its potential GN audience.)

  2. Is it just me that thinks it’s kinda fucked up that publicity and PR is so important to these multi-billionaire corporation that a death of a child is used as cover and everybody participates and nobody blinks an eye?

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