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Kibbles ‘b’ Bits 2/14/18: You must be my Valentine, Reinhardt

https://twitter.com/jesse_hamm/status/963675642217852928 § Spiders do spin webs out of their butts, so why not kleenex? This is perfect branding. § Happy Valentine's Day! Back when people mailed...

Five days of Valentines Day Cards: Snow White’s touchy situation

I'm sure no one ever had an impure thought about THIS vintage Disney Valentine, No sir! More here Do you have a Valentine set to spotlight...

Five days of Valentines: 1966 Batman Valentines

Was everything about Batman in 1966 bizarre and surreal? Based on these vintage Valentines, the answer is yes. But imagine the thrill you would...

Five Days of Valentines: Matt Bors X-Men Valentines

Matt Bors has not only been killing it at Medium, he's made a yearly tradition of making X-Men Valentines, and this year's batch is a great way to tell the mutant in your life just how you feel about him/her/it/they. Hit the link for the whole set!