It’s crazy to think how quickly time has past. In 2008, Iron Man hit theaters – George W. Bush was in the very last stretch of his presidency, Myspace was still a thing that people used, and personally I was in the waning days of my indie rock dreams.

It’s now 2018 and it feels like a completely different world, but in those ten years, not only did Marvel conquer the superhero movie landscape. They also changed the endgame for blockbusters in general. Now everyone wants a shared universe, superhero or not. Prior to this, the idea of a cinematic crossover was a pipe-dream and left to the dregs of the worst of the Universal Monster output.

And while no one else has really made a successful go at it (though WB keeps on keeping on, we’ll see…), the legacy being left here is monumental.

Today, Marvel released the above ten year anniversary photo, gathering the cast and crew of one of cinema’s most successful gambles. There’s a few players missing in action, no Ed Norton, Terrence Howard, Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell, Kenneth Branagh, or a few others of note. But otherwise, it’s a nice gathering of talent to celebrate one heck of a milestone.

Marvel also tweeted out a behind the scenes video:


All well and good, though I have to admit, these tweets in response are pretty golden:


Let us never forget the legacy the King left behind. His co-creations gave us a franchise as big as Star Wars, a multi-billion dollar empire that in of itself was also inspired by the man’s work.


  1. Also this year it’s been 20 years since the first successful Marvel movie came out, 1998’s Blade.

  2. There have been other cross overs as well:

    Aliens vs Predator
    Freddy vs Jason
    Godzilla vs King Kong

    But neither of those could be called a shared universe. You are right, Marvel has indeed reshaped cinema.

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