You all loved her in Ghostbusters and the Close Encounters sketch, but Kate McKinnon is officially joining the ranks of comic book movie stars with The Lunch Witch, an adaptation of Deb Lucke’s graphic novel series.

The Deadline announcement story mentioned this but strangely identified the book as a “novel” – it’s a comic book, people! Get used to it.

The story involves a witch named Grunhilda who gets a job as a lunch lady, cooking up nasty stews for the kids, and various hijinks ensue. A perfect role for McKinnon? You bet. The film will be directed by Clay Kaytis, co-director of the Angry Birds movie, in his live action debut.


The Lunch Witch series – The Lunch Witch and Lunch Witch 2: Knee Deep in Niceness are published by Papercutz and are Lucke’s first graphic novels. They’re drawn in a very atypical style, more of a sepia-tinged illustrative than what you’d think from the general animated style you think of for current kids comics.