Looks like “Throne of Atlantis” will be continuing through both Justice League and Aquaman for a few issues.  It was also announced that  Paul Pelletier will be the new Aquaman penciller.  And yes, the “Trench” creatures are back from the opening arc of Aquaman.

Over in Wonder Woman, Orion of the New Gods will be a regular cast member for the the better part of a year and could stick around longer.

There wasn’t much actual news in the planned portion, but when it got time for Q&A, my but things got more interesting.

Johns dropped a hint that the Injustice Gang might be turning up in JLA.

Jim Lee indicate he and Geoff Johns were meeting with “people in charge of” the Milestone characters at the end of the month.  Is there a contract expiring or is this just a consultation.  To quote Arte Johnson, “very interesting.”

The Question was referred to as a “he” who will be next appearing in Justice League.  Apparently Renee Montoya is still a cop, post-reboot.

Orion will be the only member of the New Gods in Wonder Woman for the time being.


  1. Indeed, you know you’ve been blogging too long when you mix up the character and the character’s imprint.

  2. Meh.. just because Vic is back.. that does not mean Renne is back to being a cop…. but… I am quite quite certain they have ‘fridged Renee as Question in this damn reboot. Hell.. they turned Vic into a magical faceless immortal or some crap like that. It is hard to remember even a few months ago.. and through all that rage… but I think matic Question in front of a council of gods and wizards was the final straw that made me quit DC cold turkey finally. Really. Screw that.

  3. I have no interest in seeing the Milestone characters. Static is their most well known character and not even he sells comics. But if they only appeared in books I’m not reading, like JL, I’m fine with that I guess.

    The character designs I’ve seen for Orion in WW look great.

    And it looks like I may need to try out Aquaman again, if Pelletier is on board and Johns is gone. Who is the new writer??? :)

  4. Agreed, about the Milestone characters – but only because they were handled right the first time, by Milestone.

    DC haven’t been able to deliver it since. They missed an opportunity to tie Static Shock in with the TV series. Xombi could’ve been part of the Dark line, if they’d waited a few months. He was even a Green Lantern (or something) in an issue of Brave and Bold I think – which is really the reason why Milestone should take their characters elsewhere!!

    Let’s face it, DC can’t do non-white characters. Virtually all their recent New 52 efforts here have been cancelled (except Batwing?)

  5. I would love to see the Milestone characters let loose from whatever connection to DC they have, and the whole MS universe relaunched independently. I loved most of that line, and it deserves to stand on its own.

    If there was some real promotion and advertising behind them to the target demographics (I’m assuming young male non-whites) we could see a measurable increase in the numbers of that demo reading comics.

    Also, there are a lot of minority creators that have entered the industry since the first Milestone era ended, and many of them could be brought in to take on those characters, or create new ones that fit the times.

  6. Count me as another fan of Milestone. I woulds like to see them return… but not in a way used as a gimmick for other titles. As Brian Jacoby noted, let them loose and bring them up independently. There is an audience out there for it — being blinded by sale figures is not the way to create content. It might have some weight in how to keep a title going, but not the impetus for starting it.

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