Three book announcements at the Cup O’ Joe Panel at NYCC: Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova and Punisher: Nightmare.  No huge surprises, there (Punisher: Nightmare was originally talked about in 2009).

First up is the Guardians of the Galaxy comic by Brian Bendis and Steve McNiven.  There’s a movie coming out, so you knew there was going to be a Guardians comic before much longer.  Bendis was even teasing this over on tumblr.  The twist here is what appears to be Iron Man on the cover.  Is this to tie it more closely to the Marvel universe or associate it more with the Avengers?  We’ll have to see.

Then you’ve got Nova by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness.  This is confirmed as the same Sam Alexander character from the Spider-Man cartoon and that Richard Rider is still dead.

With the Punisher mini-series, which will be 5 weekly issues starting in January, Scott Gimple is a screenwriter currently attached to the Walking Dead television show.  He’s also written for the show Life and the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance film.

Marvel’s custom comics wing has done another NBA project for ESPN: The Magazine. This time, it’s a 10-page comic about the Miami Heat trying to get 4 championship rings.  I wonder if there’s a soul gem metaphor there?  At any rate, their last collaboration with ESPN was very well done.

Quesada was also teasing about an upcoming Marvel/Disney collaboration.



  1. Excuse my French – but WTFuck does Bendis know about writing science fiction?? That is what Guardians of the Galaxy is. It’s not noir dressed up in costumes, like he always tries to write things. It’s not superheroes in space.

    I was so looking forward to this book. And now? Would really hinge on Bendis’ writing. He hasn’t written anything worse the wallet since Powers (when it was at Image). He’s also known for ruining characters (like Marvel Boy and Spider-Woman). Did Marvel consider that not all their writers appeal to their audience…? Marvel Now really is just a “give the books to my friends and let them do what they like” club.

    It saddens me GotG is only getting the push now, because of the movie. Where was Marvel’s love of cosmic when they were busy promoting ‘Civil War’ and giving no marketing to ‘Annihilation’?

  2. Are they ret-conning the DnA run? Thought Star-Lord was trapped in the Cancerverse? And why is he blond now? Do they want people to believe this book has been the ONLY published Guardians book, by doing all this??

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