A packed house greeted Saga creators Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples (and moderator/Image publisher Eric Stephenson) as they sat down for an hour that was light on deep reveals, but strong on banter.

Vaughan, who noted that Saga #7 would be Staples’s first seventh issue, hyped #7 by revealing that the issue – which explores the past of series male lead Marco – contains “literally the worst thing anyone has ever drawn.”

The second arc of the series will focus on characters’ backstories, with #8 focusing on female lead Alana “and what a crummy soldier she was,” and #9 starring bounty hunters The Will and The Stalk.

The discussion veered all over, mostly guided by questions from the audience. Vaughan credited Staples with the series’s multicultural cast, since he gave her free reign to design them, and Staples in turn praised the design input of series designer/letterer Fonographix. Vaughan dared to suggest that Saga may be a rare story of his with a happy ending, and that Hazel – currently an infant in the book and its retroactive narrator – just might turn out OK.

Vaughan also described the Sextillion greeters as “the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen” and Staples noted how shocked she was at how many fans profess to be attracted to spider-alien-woman The Stalk, thanking the crowd for being “an open-minded group.”

During the questions and answers at the tail end of the panel, Vaughan and Staples revealed that upcoming issues would include the backstory of antagonist Prince Robot IV, excerpts of the romance novel Alana is constantly reading, the characters seeking out new clothes, another Reader Survey, an in-depth look at Staples’s art process and, just maybe, the origin of The Will’s sidekick, Lying Cat. The panel then ended with the audience mobbing the stage.


  1. I was so bummed out when The Stalk was killed. Like, really bummed.

    More of her in flashback form is better than nothing, I guess.

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