new julia wertz mini comic
Following the hilarity of Fart Party and the hilarity tinged with self-examination of Drinking at the Movies and The Infinite Wait, cartoonist Julia Wertz proved herself one of the sharpest observers out there. However she’s been in hiatus from making new comics for the last two years, while getting a new reputation as an urban explorer. (If you want creepy, follow Wertz on Instagram.)

However, good news: Wertz is cartooning again and will have a new mini at SPX this one dealing with “girlie subjects.” And she’ll have plenty of other stuff as well:

I’ll be with Atomic Books from SPX opening until 4pm, then I’ll be with Koyama Press from 5-7. I’m signing with Renee French at Atomic, who I adore, so I’ll be more excited to be there than you will, I’m sure. To buy Museum of Mistakes, come by Atomic. To buy The Infinite Wait & Other Stories, come to Koyama. At both tables you’ll be able to buy this mini, but I will have tons of other stuff at Atomic, like original art, hand made trinkets, photos, posters, etc…so if you want all that hot garbage, swing by Atomic before 4pm. If you want both books, don’t worry, I won’t make you wait, I can totally sell you both at the same time.