The JSA, the Justice Society of America, is poised to make their return to comics this September in Justice League #31 and #32 by Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez, and Howard Porter.
This announcement comes on the heels of years and years of teasing and waiting from JSA fans. Their return was first alluded to in 2016’s DC Universe Rebirth #1, with Johnny Thunder calling out to the JSA. Following an appearance by Johnny Thunder in the Batman/Flash crossover The Button, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have been telling a meta story involving the JSA in Doomsday Clock.
Speaking to Newsarama, Snyder said, “I can’t tell you how honored and thrilled I am to be able to reintroduce them to mainline continuity. I’ve been waiting to do it for months and months and months and months – really, since we did Metal. I have really big plans for them.”
He continued, “My sights are really set on the original team, their origins, what it meant to be the first superhero team in the 1940s. How morally ambiguous a time that was, as much as we think of it now, I think, as really black and white. How difficult it was to be a hero at a moment when the world was falling apart.”
When asked if their appearance would tie into Doomsday Clock, he said, “Not really. I mean, Doomsday Clock is its own wonderful, incredible story. The kind of light connection between them is just that, what Geoff and I talked about was because Doomsday Clock is kind of running at its own pace and in its own kind of continuity, what I didn’t want to do was bring the JSA back before he had a chance to reintroduce them as a concept in issue #10.”
So, I guess there you have it. Doomsday Clock won’t be the continuity-changing event book that we were hoping for. It seems that Snyder’s direction in Justice League will be influencing the line in ways we didn’t think of. Despite this, we’re still getting the Justice Society back and that’s something worth celebrating.
Check out the cover for Justice League #31 below.
The JSA as depicted by Francis Manapul in the cover to Justice League #31.


  1. While everything about this sounds intriguing, it’s one more thing pushing me out of superhero comics. Remember everything we were promised 3 years ago? Yeah, forget all that. Somebody else is going to tell a different story. These universe spanning meta-arcs are the bane of my comics reading enjoyment. I bought into Rebirth. Now I’m sold Metal (letdown), HiC, Year of the Villain (another pyramid scheme event), and whatever ambitious linewide crossover Snyder has planned next.

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