Doomsday Clock, the blockbuster sequel to Watchmen, has had a rough go of it. The 12-issue series by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, and Brad Anderson has been plagued with scheduling delays, switching to a bi-monthly schedule after three issues, and still falling behind even at that. The most recent issue, Doomsday Clock #8, came out at the beginning of December, and the release of issue 9 was recently delayed until the first week of March. Today, series artist Gary Frank took to social media to remind everyone that things are on-track.

In a tweet, Frank acknowledged the irritation caused by the delays, and shared an unfinished page from Doomsday Clock #10.

“I know the wait for 9 is frustrating,” Frank writes, “but here’s a glimpse of 10 to be getting on with.” The first, largest panel features the Justice Society of America – from left to right, The Atom, Sandman, The Spectre, The Flash, Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Green Lantern, and Hourman – seated around their signature round meeting table. Additional panels feature The Flash (Jay Garrick), The Atom (Al Pratt), and Green Lantern (Alan Scott).

With its focus on the character of Johnny Thunder, and the reappearance of Alan Scott’s green lantern in Doomsday Clock #6, the series has been teasing the return of the JSA almost from the beginning. Most members of the original JSA have not been seen since DC’s New 52 launched in August of 2011.The only one to have popped up since then is Jay Garrick, who had a brief appearance in May 2017’s The Flash #22, the final part of “The Button” storyline. A previously-revealed cover to Doomsday Clock #10 features a young boy reading a copy of All-Star Comics #3, the first appearance of the JSA, though the cover has been altered to include Watchmen‘s Doctor Manhattan.

Doomsday Clock #9 is due in stores on March 6th.