Marvel’s Netflix TV run may be winding down, but we’ve still got thirteen more episodes to look forward to to round out the Defenders line. The streaming service today debuted a first teaser for the third and final season of Jessica Jones. The teaser announces June 14th as the release date for the thirteen-episode season.

A cryptic voice warns Jessica Jones that she’s about to be exposed as a fraud. The teaser also includes blink-and-you’ll-miss-them shots of the apparent villain for the season, played by actor Jeremy Bobb (The Knick, Russian Doll):

I’ll be completely honest: I still haven’t watched the second season of Jessica Jones. I actually stalled out on any of the Marvel Netflix series after five episodes of the first season of Iron Fist, so I’m pretty far behind. I loved the first season of Jessica Jones, though, and it’s disappointing that Krysten Ritter, the most perfect casting for Jessica there ever could have been, will likely not continue on in the role beyond this upcoming final season. I’m curious to see if the third season brings any sort of closure for Jessica, or if any of the other Defenders characters pop by to get their own satisfactory endings.
If, like me, you’re behind on your Jessica Jones, you only have a little over two weeks to get caught up. The final season of the series debuts on June 14th.


  1. That was mostly due to David Tennant. Remove him and Kristen Ritter is neither good nor likeable. That’s very bad casting on Marvel’s part.

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