As Netflix winds down its run of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the third and final season of Jessica Jones should serve as a fitting swan song to the network’s treatment of the franchise. Ahead of the third season premiere, Netflix released a Jessica Jones featurette which shows Krysten Ritter manning the director’s chair for the second episode of the season.
Jessica Jones has been a big chunk of my adult life. I’ve learned so much. It’s been like boot camp to me,” said Ritter in the Jessica Jones featurette. “It is exciting to be directing an episode. I wanted the opportunity to grow and challenge myself with my crew and my cast members.”
Directing should be a natural extension of Ritter’s creative talents. In addition to her prolific acting career, Ritter wrote a psychological thriller called Bonfire in 2017 and is one-half of the indie rock duo, Ex Vivian.
The episode will focus on Jessica’s one-time BFF and sidekick-turned-superhero, Trish Walker. Jessica and Trish have a falling out at the end of season two, when Trish shoots Alisa Jones, a psychotic murderer who also happens to be Jessica’s biological mother. “You’re Welcome” will follow Trish’s path as she kills Alisa, connecting her trajectory as burgeoning crime fighter with Jessica’s in the first episode as they prepare to take on a new adversary.
Ritter’s direction will explore the motivations that shape how Trish tackles her newly developed powers. As the season continues, Trish’s actions will determine how she and Jessica resolve their moral differences and move beyond the trauma inflicted in season two.
In the Jessica Jones featurette, Ritter walks Rachael Taylor through a grueling set of action sequences. Ritter’s attention and enthusiasm is palpable as she directs her fellow cast mates, particularly Taylor.
“I just feel crazy, crazy luck that she’s the person directing this,” says Taylor. “There is no single person that is as invested in Jessica Jones than Krysten Ritter. No other director knows what it’s like to originate a superhero character.”
Eka Darville, who plays Malcolm Ducasse, has nothing but praise for his co-star.
“She’s an actor, first and foremost, and so she gets it in such an intimate way that directors just don’t,” says Darville. “She’s uniquely qualified because she understands the flow of the show and cares more than anyone else. Her enthusiasm is infectious.”
Playing Jessica has brought Ritter newfound confidence and an appreciation of what such a character represents.
“I’ve always been sort of confident in my own skin, but I feel like maybe I’m even more so now because of her,” she says
Netflix will begin streaming the third season on June 14. Check out the Jessica Jones featurette on YouTube below.