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Yen Press’ latest acquisitions include six new titles

Among the publisher's acquisitions are three new manga and two light novel adaptations.

REVIEW: As history repeats itself, Lun Zhang revisits the hope that...

An original Tiananmen Square protestor recounts the months leading up to the moment the Chinese government opened fire on their own people.

INTERVIEW: Good kids make bad life choices in Svetlana Chmakova’s THE...

Why not heeding Grandma’s wisdom is bad for your health

INTERVIEW: The adorably messy superheroes of ANTI/HERO crush Freaky Friday

Stronger, faster, smarter…super! The creators dish on DC's new dynamic duo and the qualities that make superheroes human.

75 of the most anticipated graphic novels for Spring 2020

New and upcoming graphic novel releases for April-June 2020

INTERVIEW: Isabel Greenberg imagines being Charlotte Brontë in GLASS TOWN

Greenberg talks technique and taking liberties with history in creating the Brontës’ imaginary world.
Amy Reeder’s Amy Winston as Princess Amethyst

INTERVIEW: How Amy Winston as Princess Amethyst is really a reflection...

Reeder comes full circle as writer and artist in the DCU’s revival of Mishkin & Cohn’s 1980s’ series.

Roz Chast, the Poet Laureate of Urban Neurosis, presents Can’t We...

Chast ruminates on motherhood, daughterhood, and illness (via The Merck Manual)

INTERVIEW: In ALMOST AMERICAN GIRL, the universal language of comics connected...

Coming-of-age in the South and learning to embrace the Korean-American identity.

65 of the most anticipated graphic novels for Winter 2020

New and upcoming graphic novel releases for January-March 2020.

INTERVIEW: Rob Kuck’s TradeOff teaches a new generation the pains, gains,...

Testing investment know-how in a faux Wall Street environment.
No Longer Human novel cover

REVIEW: Junji Ito’s NO LONGER HUMAN turns human folly into a...

Ito's adaptation of Osamu Dazai's bestselling novel is a remarkable visualization into mental illness.