DC continues to dole out information on their post-Future State plans. This morning the publisher announced a new creative team for the returning Nightwing series, and now they’ve revealed the new writer & artist for The Flash following the two-month break. Writer Jeremy Adams, one of the many new voices making their DC debut with Future State, and artist Brandon Peterson will helm the series beginning with March’s Flash #768, in a story that promises to focus on Wally West as much as it does Barry Allen. No colorist or letterer credits were included in the announcement.

Following the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, specifically the sublime Speed Metal one-shot, Wally has finally been reunited with his wife, Linda Park, and their two children. Adams and Peterson’s Flash run begins with Wally apparently having retired in favor of being with them. Not much more information has been revealed about the storyline, save for that it will bring both Barry and Wally into confrontation with a Green Arrow-led Justice League (which, as a reminder for those who, like me, had until recently forgotten entirely that Heroes in Crisis happened, could be awkward for Wally considering what happened with Roy Harper during that storyline), and that it will “see the Flash Family decide who will carry the Scarlet Speedster legacy towards the future! Will it be Barry? Or Wally?”

Adams has primarily written for animation previously, including, among other things, a Flash-centric episode of Justice League Action and the direct-to-video LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash movie. Peterson is providing covers for the Future State: Flash series; his most recent interior work was on the final issue of the recently-wrapped Shazam! series.

As a ride-or-die Wally West fan, this all sounds very exciting, though I had hoped after the end of Joshua Williamson‘s Flash run that we had put the unpleasantness of Heroes in Crisis behind us. Maybe this time around will do the trick. Check out the cover to The Flash #768 (which, interestingly, doesn’t look to include Wally, but does include Barry along with what looks like Impulse, Jay Garrick, and an unidentified character with lightning over one of his eyes, all apparently falling through time and space), as well as the full text of the announcement from DC, below. Adams and Peterson’s run on The Flash begins on Tuesday, March 16th, 2021.

The Flash #768 CoverFollowing the two issue Future State: The Flash in January and February, the redemption of Wally West begins! Beginning March 16, writer Jeremy Adams (SupernaturalJustice League Action, DC Future State’s Black Adam and Black Racer) and artist Brandon Peterson (Future State: The Flash, SupermanShazam!Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man) race with DC’s Scarlet Speedsters in a new run for The Flash!

Beginning with The Flash #768, after the events spanning from DC Universe: Rebirth to Heroes in Crisis to Dark Nights: Death Metal, the former Kid Flash decides to call it quits: family is more important to Wally West than a connection to the Speed Force. If you love the Flash, and want to hit the ground running for the redemption arc of DC’s favorite speedster, The Flash #768 is the perfect jumping-on point!

“There’s some dispute about who would win in a race against Wally and Barry,” said Adams, “but let’s just say it’s a question that starts this new adventure. I’ve tried to pour all of my excess enthusiasm into writing a story that explores some of the crazy sci-fi elements that Flash books are known for. So, race to the store and pick one up… or two… or three…”

In the months following DC’s Future State event, Barry will need his former partner more than ever. Will Barry let Wally walk away? Barry Allen and Wally West must confront the past by way of a Justice League led by Green Arrow. Ollie’s the one person Wally hasn’t talked to since Roy’s death, so pick up The Flash starting in March 2021 and see the Flash Family decide who will carry the Scarlet Speedster legacy towards the future! Will it be Barry? Or Wally?

The Flash #768, written by Jeremy Adams with art and cover by Brandon Peterson, featuring a variant cover by Ian MacDonald, hits shelves on March 16. For more information on the Flash (either Barry or Wally) and the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, visit DC’s website at www.dccomics.com and follow DC on social media at @DCComics and @thedcnation.