Late last week, the news had broken regarding the next move for Sony in regard to their lineup of Spider-Man spin-offs, with Silk looking like it could be the next big centerpiece (assumption: mine) of their lineup of Spidey-less universe blockbusters.

Will Tom Holland’s Spider-Man appear in them? Is in the same continuity as the MCU? Who knows, really? The answers seems all over the place, but one thing is clear, Sony is definitely trying to get some projects to follow-on from this October’s Venom starring Tom Hardy. The two other’s mentioned previously were standalones centered on Nightwatch (Sony apparently thirsting for that sweet, sweet 1992 money) and Morbius, The Living Vampire.

Well, the latter just got a little closer to becoming reality as the DCU’s current Joker, Jared Leto, has been enlisted for the part.

The actor, who was infamous for his rather crude and disgusting attempts at “going method” on the set of Suicide Squad, to the point of sending used condoms to his castmates, will take on the role of Michael Morbius – the Roy Thomas/Gil Kane vampiric Spider-Man baddie who turned a bit more anti-hero as the years wound on.

Lord knows where Leto will end up taking this…don’t drink actual blood or anything, dude.

Daniel Espinosa, who recently helmed the Sony sci-fi film Life (which ironically, people joked was a Venom prequel for months ahead of its release…for literally no reason at all), is set to direct.

There’s no set date for this, Silk, or the proposed Nightwatch film, but Variety reports that production for this Morbius project will likely begin this year.

To wit, here are the Spider-Man movies slated to be in some form of production:

Venom (October of this year)
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (animated Miles Morales feature, December of this year)
Spider-Man: Far From Home (July 2019)
Morbius (2019? 2020?)
Silk (TBD)
Silver & Black (TBD)
Nightwatch (TBD)



  1. Call me crazy, but I’d sorta hoped to see Nicholas Cage as Morbius… People write him off as a ham actor, but the genius of it is that he’s acting broad when required to. He can be subtle when needed. Watch “Vampire’s Kiss”!

  2. I would like to see a faithful-as-possible adaptation of Wolfman and Colan’s “Tomb of Dracula,” maybe as a 3- or 4-movie saga. And I mean the whole saga, not just Blade’s part in it.

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