J. Kirby is on Kickstarter for real — Jeremy Kirby, grandson of the legendary artist. He’s asking for funds to put out a books of photos and a lost Kirby work, a play called “Frog Prince.”

Years ago (1997 to be exact) I wrote a screenplay and shared it with my grandmother.  She did what every grandmother would do after reading her grandson’s story and told me how wonderful it was.  But then she stopped for a moment as if pausing to think.  She had me wait where I was and I saw her go into her closet.  She reached into a box that was on a shelf and pulled out a dusty old folder.  She handed it to me and said “your grandfather would have wanted you to have this.”  It was a play that he had written.  I have since showed the play to friends of the family and not one had ever heard of its existence.

Whoa. The $7500 initial goal has already been met, and we expect a lot more to come — $50 gets you a copy of the book, two posters and a thank you in the book. At that level, it sounds like a real bargain.