In 1978 Stan Lee was the publisher of Marvel Comics, and Jenette Kahn was the publisher of DC, and together they made a speech at Temple University on the occasion of the oversized epic Superman Vs Muhammed Ali, which was termed of equal value to the Sistine Chapel. I like that comic, but even I wouldn’t go that far.

Although it’s hard to make out the text of the article, we’re guessing that somewhere in there it suggests that comics aren’t for kids anymore.

Via Hannah Means-Shannon and Christopher Smith on FB


  1. This article is from a 1979 issue of The Comics Journal (on the Journal’s website, it turns out to be issue 47 from July 1979) so it probably doesn’t say anything about comics not being for kids anymore. That would have been taken as read by the audience.

  2. If this is the article I think it is (I can’t read the text either), Stan acknowledges that he and Martin Goodman are no longer on speaking terms.

    Those clothes, hair and shoes were the height of fashion in the late ’70s — believe it or not!

  3. Stan wasn’t long-gone from comics in 1978. Long-gone from scripting them, perhaps, but he was Marvel’s editor-in-chief and/or publisher until 1978 (or thereabouts). Once he relocated to California, though, it was long-gone …

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