A pop-up museum for comics legend Jack Kirby located on the Lower East Side — where he was born— opens today. The effort was funded via Kickstarter and is located at 178 Delancey Street.

There will be many special events this week including

* Opening Night Celebration! with a brief presentation by Rand Hoppe – Monday, November 4th @ 7pm

* Jack Kirby and the Auteur Theory of Comics – a presentation by Arlen Schumer – Tuesday, November 5th @ 7pm
* A conversation with James Romberger – Sunday, November 10th @ 5pm

I’m told there will be a scanner on hand if anyone wants to bring in their Kirby art to be scanned for the museum’s digital archive.

The pop-up is only there for a week, alas, but the online Jack Kirby Museum remains a primary source of information about the artist, whose co-creation THOR opens in a movie later this week.


  1. What a great initiative. Any publicity that this generates toward the recognition of Jack Kirby’s contribution to comics history is a big plus.

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