Faith Erin Hicks is rapidly becoming a “name” graphic novel author, and her new project from First Second should help with that. It’s a fantasy trilogy called The Nameless City, which is described as “in the tradition of Jeff Smith’s Bone and Avatar: The Last Airbender.” The first book is slated to come out in 2016.

An unlikely friendship forms between Nameless City native Rat, and Kai, whose country has recently conquered her city. The two of them must find common ground between their cultures and foil a sinister conspiracy. Hicks has created a beautiful and intricate world inspired by Central Asia and the Silk Road in which the besieged inhabitants of an ancient city are desperate to learn the secrets of the perished civilization which carved the city out of living rock.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that First Second Books will be publishing The Nameless City. It’s a story that’s very close to my heart and something I’ve been working on for a few years. To see my comic sitting beside incredible books like Battling Boy, Delilah Dirk, and Boxers & Saints means a tremendous amount. I’m a fan of First Second, both as a publisher who publishes great comics that I want to read, and also as a group of creative people who know how to bring out the best in a cartoonist. We’re going to make some really good comics together in the next few years,” said Hicks in a statement.

“Faith Erin Hicks is one of the most exciting cartoonists working today, and her work has raised the bar in comics for kids and teens. I’m so excited that First Second will be publishing her new series! With notes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain, and Ursula K. LeGuin’s Earthsea, Faith has woven a world that is uniquely hers, and uniquely beautiful,” said acquiring editor Calista Brill.

Although 2016 sounds far off, this is already something to look forward to.


  1. Hicks’s comics aren’t my cup of tea, but this is *wonderful* news. She definitely deserves all success she gets.

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