Colourist Appreciation Day started last year, essentially, from the mind of Jordie Bellaire – who subsequently spent the rest of the year becoming one of the most famous and well-known colourists in comics. In celebration of the anniversary, I’ve compiled a short list of prominent and brilliant comic colorists – who they are, where you can find them, and where you can find out MORE about them.

Let’s make this a year where we all work harder to appreciate the colorists who make comics COMICS. This is by no means a list of all the great colorists out there – let’s consider this a starting point. Suggest other colorists worth supporting and celebrating in the comments!



Laura Allred: Colorist for books including FF, X-Statix and Madman

Website  — In interview with iFanboy


Jordie Bellaire: Colorist for books including Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly and Half Past Danger

WebsiteTwitterIn interview with Robot6



Bettie Breitweiser: Colorist for books including Captain America and Velvet

Website — Twitter — In interview with Kieron Gillen’s Decompressed


Frank d’Armata: Colorist for books including Avengers, Captain America and Uncanny X-Men

Twitter — Profiled on Comics Should Be Good



Andrew Dalhouse: Colorist for books including Batman/Superman, Teen Titans and Arkham War

Website — Twitter


Nathan Fairbairn: Colorist for books including Scott Pilgrim, Seconds and Batman Inc

Website — Twitter — In interview with Comics Bulletin


Marte Gracia: Colorist for books including All-New X-Men, Nova and Venom

Website — Twitter


Matt Hollingsworth: Colorist for books including Preacher, Hawkeye and Gotham Central

Website — Twitter — In interview with Fever Dreams


Lee Loughridge: Colorist for books including Deadly Class, Stumptown and Batman Adventures



Laura Martin: Colorist for books including Secret Invasion, Astonishing X-Men

In interview with Sequential Tart


Brian Reber: Colorist for Valiant Comics, on books including Eternal Warrior, Shadowman and Unity.

WebsiteTwitterIn interview with The Beat


Ruth Redmond: Colorist for books including Revolutionary War and Exit Generation

Website  Twitter


Rico Renzi: Colorist for books including Collider

Website — Twitter — In interview with Harriganworks

daredevil 252

Javier Rodriguez: Colorist for books including Daredevil

Website — Twitter — In interview with


Alex Sinclair: Colorist for books including Superman Unchained, Justice League and Batman

Website — Twitter — In interview with Comic Book Resources


Val Staples: Colorist for books including Hulk, Marvel Knights and Daredevil

WebsiteTwitterIn interview with The Beat


Dave Stewart: Colorist for Hellboy, Daytripper and Batman

TwitterIn interview with Comics Alliance


Jose Villarrubia: Colorist for books including Promethea, Trillium and Fantastic Four

In interview with Comic Book Bin


Dean White: Colorist for books including Uncanny X-Force and Captain America

Website  Twitter  In interview with


Matt Wilson: Colorist for books including Wonder Woman, Young Avengers and Swamp Thing

WebsiteTwitterIn interview with Panel Bound


Megan Wilson: Colorist for books including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and God Hates Astronauts




  1. Ditto to all mentioned above– what a great idea! Also worthy of praise is Dave McCaig, who provides a lot of online advice and mentorship to up-and-coming colorists. He has some great palette designs, and his blues really pop for me.

  2. Ronda Pattison. She continues to be the thread of visual constance in IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is also working with Sam Kieth on the challenging re-coloring of The Maxx.

  3. Folks I work with…

    Allen Passalaqua, who colored IT GIRL and still colors BATTLEPUG, THE FOX, and others.

    Paulina Ganucheau, coloring THE DOUBLE LIFE OF MIRANDA TURNER, the comic George Kambadais and I are doing for Monkeybrain.

    Jean-Francoise Beaulieu has been coloring over Brent Schoonover on “Integer City” for DARK HORSE PRESENTS, but also works with Skottie Young on the Oz books.

    Nick Filardi just did a cover for an upcoming project I have going, but he also colors Joëlle Jones on HELHEIM.

    All people worth checking out and admiring.

  4. Muntsa Vicente! Her work on The Private Eye with Vaughan and Martin has been nothing short of revelatory.

    There are many cartoonists who color their own work, and who are as good as any on this list, most notably Chris Ware (who can be underrated as a colorist and letterer, if Ware can ever be called underrated), and Matt Kindt (whose superb water colors make the perfect compliment for his art).

    And someone mentioned Jean-Francoise Beaulieu above, whose colors play as big a role in the high quality of Marvel’s Oz books as Shanower’s adaptation and Young’s art.

  5. John Kalisz deserves appreciation as well. I gave him some of his first work, before all the smoke, mirrors, and filters of computers. The man has been working steadily for over twenty years for Marvel and DC–and he is a stand up guy.
    Mike Rockwitz

  6. Hey Heidi and Co.

    After 20 plus years in the business and probably 1000’s of comics under our belts you would would think Richard and I would at least rate a mention. Ouch that hurts!

    Tanya Horie

  7. This occasion makes one more reason to come to my panel at Wizard World Portland on Sunday:
    With literally millions of colors in their digital palettes, comics colorists have a more challenging job than ever, with the responsibility of adding mood to the stories they work on, while keeping the narrative clear and compelling. Ace color artists Jeremy Colwell (Dark Horse Presents; Powerpuff Girls) and Bill Crabtree (Invincible; The Sixth Gun) discuss their careers and their craft. Includes a DEMONSTRATION OF HOW COMICS ARE COLORED! Moderated by Danny Fingeroth (How to Create Comics From Script to Print.) (OREGON BALLROOM 202)

  8. A good colorist shouldn’t call attention to the coloring, but Jordie Bellaira’s work on Manhattan Projects is quite effective!

  9. Good idea this.

    Here are some folks not on your list who I think deserve kudos as well:

    Paul Mounts

    Glynis Oliver

    Noelle Giddings (mainly Milestone Media)

    Daniel Vozzo (of Vertigo)

    Art Lyon (colors over Gene Ha)

    Eva De La Cruz (Coffin Hill)

    Cris Peter (Hinterkind)

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