As we’ve mentioned here a few times, the majority owner of IDW is actually a holding company, formerly known as CTM MEDia Holdings, but now renamed IDW Media Holdings, Inc. because IDW is such a prominent part of their business. IT’s just been announced that CTM has completed a ten-for-one stock split and will be known as IDWM on their ticker symbol. We’re weak on that stock stuff so here’s the PR for more information, but before you get into, as it’s worth noting on the above org chart, IDW has been growing pretty handily with the acquisition of Top Shelf and the launch of the Comic Art Gallery.

The split was effective on August 4, 2015. Each share of Class B Common Stock (including shares issued in the recent conversion of Class A Common Stock) and Class C Common Stock, now represents ten shares of the same class. The change has been effected in the records of the Company’s transfer agent.
As part of an integrated effort, including the change of the Company’s name, we expect that the post-split Class B Common Stock will begin trading under the ticker symbol (OTC PINK: IDWM) starting on August 10, 2015.
“We’ve now concluded the first steps of increasing IDW Media Holdings’ exposure to the public markets that we announced in April,” said Ted Adams, IDW Media Holdings’ CEO.

IDW Media Holdings, Inc. is the integrated media company consisting of IDW Publishing, the award-winning, San Diego-based comic-book and graphic novel publisher; CTM Media Group, a distributor of print and digital advertising; IDW Entertainment, the television-development arm of IDW Publishing; San Diego Comic Art Gallery, a new comic art gallery space launched in summer 2015; Ettractions, a travel-based web portal; Top Shelf Productions, a publisher of independent and creator-driven graphic novels; IDW Games, producer of tabletop board games and card games; and IDW Limited, the high-end print collectibles division of IDW Publishing.

Since making the name change to IDW Media Holdings in April, the stock has increased in value around 100% (as of the end of trading on 8/5).


  1. Before the split, the stock was trading at about $300.
    The initial price back in September 2009, when IDT spun off CTM/IDW? $0.30. (100,000% return)

    Wow… The company is almost privately held!

  2. Better to look at at page rates publishers pay artists — which seem to be down 40%-95% from standard 20 years ago.

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