It was just a few months back that Tom Hardy had hinted that he was working on a DC Comics adaptation, with all kinds of guesses flying around as to what he could have been referring to. Planetary? The Invisibles? Hitman?

Per THR, we now have an answer, as they report that Hardy is set to produce an adaptation of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso‘s 100 Bullets, the Eisner-winning Vertigo comic that centers on the Agent Graves, an enigmatic figure, who approaches those who have been done a terrible wrong with the opportunity to strike out in revenge. Revenge in the shape of a gun and 100 rounds of untraceable ammunition.

100 Bullets was being developed by David Goyer back in 2011 for Showtime, but now that Vertigo big-screen properties are being housed under the New Line banner, the plan is now focused on the big screen with a script already in-hand from Chris Borelli (The Vatican Tapes).

Hardy is also in talks to star in the project.

100 Bullets joins Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s adaptation of Sandman as a part of the Vertigo line-up that the Warner subsidiary will oversee. Additionally, New Line is still the studio that is reportedly housing Shazam!.

With two stars of The Dark Knight Rises getting to oversee their own productions at the studio, here’s hoping Anne Hathaway gets a crack at Madame Xanadu next, or maybe American Vampire? She’d make for a great Pearl.



  1. Great actor to be working on 100 Bullets, but it’s a property that I think would make a much better tv show than a movie. Just the initial concept of someone getting 100 untraceable bullets before rest of the back story comes into play, is something that works best when you see the results of many different characters, rather than it play out just once.

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