ICv2-conference-logo.jpgThings are changing rapidly in comics retailing, and as we mentioned previously, this year’s ICv2 conference which will be held the day before New York Comic Con kicks off, will examine the “New Comics Customer”:on multiple fronts. (Disclaimer: The Beat is a co-sponser of the event.) The programming and and initial list of  speakers has been announced, and I think you’ll agree, this sounds VERY interesting if you are an industry wonk like me. I’m super psyched to moderate what I think is probably the first ever panel of comics event show runners—given all the smart people in the business now you  could almost have a mini Con Con. And yes, keep reading for more on today’s top topic.

The comic industry is making a huge shift, and these are the issues that everyone is grappling with. Here’s how to register. 

Conference Sessions
Here are the sessions at the ICv2 Conference:  The New Comics Customer.  Speakers are being added frequently; bookmark this page.

ICv2 White Paper
A highlight of the Conference each year, the 2014 ICv2 White Paper will concentrate on the New Comics Customer, and break down the data available from all sources on this growing segment of the market.

  • Presented by Milton Griepp, CEO, ICv2

The Con Explosion
The rapidly expanding con scene is an important part of the changing audience for comics, a place where potential new customers are mingling with more committed fans, and the opportunities are great.  Who are these new attendees, and what does it mean for the medium?  Our speakers have data and personal experience to help us find the answers to these questions.

  • Christine Bohle, Sr. Category Marketing Manager, Eventbrite
  • Shelton Drum, CEO, Heroes Convention
  • Lance Fensterman, Senior Vice President ReedPOP
  • Meg Lemke, Chair, Comics & Graphic Novel Committee at the Brooklyn Book Festival, and Contributing Editor at MUTHA Magazine
  • Rob Salkowitz, author, writer of Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture
  • Moderated by Heidi MacDonald, comic editor and commentator from The Beat

The New Customer Connection
The new customers get comics and graphic novels in a variety of ways, including digital, e-commerce, and brick and mortar stores.  We discuss who these new readers are, where they’re coming from, and what kinds of books they like.

  • Andrew McIntire, Senior Director of Retail Operations, Things from Another World
  • David Steinberger, CEO, comiXology
  • Moderated by Milton Griepp, CEO, ICv2

The New Comics and Graphic Novels
The new comics customer wants a different kind of comic, and the creators and publishers that can give it to them are being rewarded.  Our panelists share their insights.

  • Ted Adams, CEO, IDW Publishin
  • Jon Goldwater, Co-CEO, Archie Comics
  • Cassandra Pelham, Senior Editor, Scholastic’s Graphix
  • Moderated by Calvin Reid, Senior News Editor of Publishers Weekly


  1. >>>The New Customer Connection

    Since that panel is a bit light on panelists, might I suggest a librarian, perhaps a YA specialist?

    Because A LOT of readers are coming from libraries.

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