A new PSA with mutton-chopped yet still somehow dreamy Hugh Jackman urging us to check out free comics. Much better than last time in 2009, where an outdoor Hugh seemed to have been caught as he was about to go behind a bush to take a whiz. This one has lighting and sound and everything.

Free Comic Book Day is TOMORROW! I’ve never actually been to a store on FCBD but I will try to check out my locals: Manhattan Comics and the just moved Hanley’s, which is only a stone’s throw from my apartment…and there is a 16 Handles on the way so…hm, this could be the BEST SATURDAY EVER.



  1. Dear Heidi: This is a very good post, but I feel that it could use some more photos and videos of Hugh Jackman. Anything you could do to address this would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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