Tomorrow, May 6, is Free Comic Book Day, and Dynamite is giving fans a taste of a new Red Sonja series hitting store shelves this July. 
Red Sonja #0 will feature the creative team of writer Torunn Grønbekk (Thor, Valkyrie), artist Walter Geovani, colorist Omi Remalante Jr., and letterer Simon Bowland and will offer a glimpse of the She-Devil with a sword in an epic new adventure. The new ongoing series will also coincide with the character’s 50th anniversary. 
Red Sonja
Dynamite shared:
This advance setup of the story shows how Red Sonja has found herself running from the law. The She-Devil With a Sword is seemingly caught red-handed, in the midst of a murder with blood on her hands. Of course, that isn’t quite what happened. But she’ll find herself fleeing and trying to figure out how to clear her name.
There will also be a story of Red Sonja’s earliest years in the form of a reprint of “The Temple of Abomination” from Roy Thomas and Dick Giordano originally released as Marvel Feature #1 in 1975. The flashback tale also features some backgrounds inked by Terry Austin, colors by Michele Wolfman, and letters by Cathi Ann Thomas.
Check out the exclusive pages below before heading out to snag your copy this weekend!